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Hot Water Windows Cleaning

Water Windows Cleaning / June 18, 2018

We offer a complete awning cleaning and sealing program to our commercial and residential clients. The results can be dramatic. The cost of a new awning is major so why not clean and seal it to keep it looking and lasting like it should?

Chandelier Cleaning

Let us keep your foyer lights and outdoor lights looking fresh and presentable. Whether we are talking about a crystal chandelier or an outside porch light, we will keep your light shining through.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer two different cleaning's for gutters, Interior and Exterior. The Interior we come out and rid all gutters of leaves and debris we then flush out downspouts to make sure all drainage is happening as it should. The exterior is known to get those black streaks, and build-up. We can take care of that as well and keep the image of your property in tip top shape.

House Washing

Whether it be siding or roofing sometimes our homes just need a bath the refresh that new appearance. We will wash your siding and or roof if needed to once again help you keep your properties image top notch.

Pressure Washing, Surface Cleaning, & Concrete Whitening

Have you ever wondered how dirty that brick walkway, concrete retaining wall, driveway, and parking lot might actually be? Clearly Windows uses a hot water cleaning process to remove gum, oils and multiple stains. Call Clearly Windows today and ask us about how we can clean your exterior walkways and driveways.

Concrete whitening is a great cleaning process that helps to improve and protect the appearance of sidewalks, dumpster pads, and other high traffic areas. We offer a 90 day guarantee for any concrete whitening process we complete.

Hard Water Stain Removal

Regardless of whether you have had a sprinkler system or just rainwater splash onto your windows, the results of the hard water stain on the window can be unsightly. Contact Clearly Windows to remove those hardwater stains and return your window back to looking new. Never heard of hard water stains, but still have a stain on your window? Give us a call and we will provide a free estimate.

Other Services

We want your house or business to looks its best, and that's why we offer an ever expanding list of additional cleaning services. From spring cleaning your home to cleaning after new construction, remodeling projects, gum removal, to whatever you think needs cleaned; we likely have a solution for you. Let us know.