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Supplies / March 18, 2017

Individuals who start cleaning businesses need supplies, advertising and clients.Individuals who start cleaning businesses need supplies, advertising and clients.

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People start cleaning businesses all the time. An individual's key consideration in starting a cleaning business is deciding whether to start independently or to open a franchise. It is much less expensive to start a cleaning business on your own. However, most franchise companies already have a marketing plan in place to help get you off to a quicker start. Nevertheless, any cleaning business owner needs certain licenses, supplies, equipment and especially a clientele to get started.

DBA and Vendor's License

As with any business, anyone who opens a cleaning business will need a DBA (Doing Business As) and vendor's license. You can get a DBA by contacting your local county clerk or county administration office. They will then mail you the application. Once you fill out the application and send it in with your application fee, your business will be registered. It is best that you think of a catchy name for your cleaning business before applying for the DBA. When you apply for your DBA, you will also get a vendor's license, which will require you to collect sales tax from your customers.

Cleaning Agents

You will need to decide if you want to clean residences, businesses or both when buying cleaning supplies. Consider buying cleaning supplies in higher volumes if you clean businesses. Restrooms and office lounges are much larger than rooms in houses. Floor, mirror and window cleaners are the most common cleaning agents used in the cleaning business.

Cleaning Supplies

You will also need a number of cleaning supplies. The most common cleaning supplies include trash bags, garbage can liners, spray bottles, buckets, mops, feather dusters, toilet brushes, paper towels, rags and squeegees. It might take time to decide the exact quantity of cleaning supplies you will need. As you gain more experience, you will have a better idea of how much to keep on hand.