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Supplies / January 24, 2017

Cleaning supplies and facilities maintenance products help you keep your workplace fresh, clean, and healthy. Choose from national brands designed to target specific rooms and surfaces. Select from natural and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies so that you can do your part in helping your company go green.

Prevent Surface Contamination
Cleaning and facilities maintenance supplies make it simple to maintain healthy workspaces for employees and meeting or waiting spaces for clients and customers. The disinfecting power of products from Lysol and Clorox prevents surface contamination in heavily trafficked areas. Glass cleaner from Windex and 409 wipe smears and smudges off mirrors, tabletops, and windows with ease, making cleaning up a breeze.

Speed Up Cleaning with Convenient Tools
Use cleaning tools to speed up the task of cleaning. Select handy disposable dust cloths on handles from Swiffer to dust furniture between weekly polishings. Choose vacuum cleaners form Dirt Devil and Eureka that make short work of cleaning carpet or rugs, and use mops and brooms from Mr. Clean and Rubbermaid to clean and shine tile or linoleum flooring. Spray air freshener from reliable brands such as Febreze or AirWick when you finish to give your office a pleasant smell.

Make Waste Removal Easy
Ensure your office's trash is easy to remove using cleaning and facilities maintenance supplies such as garbage cans and bags. Choose from a wide range of garbage can sizes from Rubbermaid and Brighton Professional, and tailor placement to the needs of the space. Select garbage bags in the sizes needed to fit almost any trash can. Recycled garbage bags are also available to help you do your part for the environment.