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Faq / February 9, 2020

Ladderless window cleaning. Fully insured. Uniformed employees. Domestic properties and Commercial buildings .

Frames, included with every wash, just ask for any extra work and we will try to accommodate any request.

Gutters Cleaned out.

Conservatory Roofs and inaccessible windows above conservatories/extensions.

3rd 4th 5th Storey windows.

Windows cleaned to a height of 50 Feet.

Garage doors.

UPVC Facias, Soffits And Cladding.

Business/shop Signage.

How PureH2O (water) Window Cleaning Works.

The five stage filter system produces Pure Water by passing tap water through the

5 filters specially designed to remove any dissolved chemicals and minerals added to the tap water process to make it drinkable. This includes calcium and magnesium which leave a white residue upon the glass if left to dry.

This water is collected within sterilised tanks ready for the work day.

The Pure water is pumped from these tanks within our vans through a hose within the work poles and out of the jet nozzles at the brush heads giving continuous Pure Clean Water. The windows dry Spotless with ten minutes.

Services and Products

  • Commercial Building window cleaning
  • Driveway Jetwash cleaning
  • Patio jetwash cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • UPVC Cleaning
  • Domestic Window Cleaning.
  • Soffits and Upvc Cleaning.