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Faq / August 2, 2019

Karcher has been inspiring people and communities all summer long to clean and beautify their spaces as part of their “Karcher Me” campaign. Karcher and their “Clean Team crew” have already visited Detroit and Toronto for a city-wide cleaning spree, tackling a variety of local landmarks and structures over a two-week period. It just so happens that Nicole Curtis, one of my favorite designers from HGTV’s Rehab Addict, also joined in in the efforts to engage the communities and provide some of her expertise…

From the look of all of their Facebook photos, the Clean team had a lot of fun on their cleaning mission and the cities were happy to be Karchered! Over the past 30 years, Karcher has made it a tradition to beautify communities around the world and have even donated their time to clean some of the world’s most high-profile structures such as the Seattle Space Needle, Mount Rushmore, and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. You have to love a company that gives back so much to the communities that they are in!So, inspired by Karcher, I embarked on a little Karcher Me campaign of my own with the Karcher K3.550 Pressure Washer and the WV 50 Power Squeegee {winner of the 2013 DIY New Product World Award}. A couple of weeks ago, I posted about how I power washed our wood deck and how amazed I was at the results. Cleaning may not be my favorite activity in the world but there is nothing like the results that you get from a good power washing! I don’t think that there is any other cleaning task that gives you such amazing befores and afters with such little effort. Project number two for the power washer was to power wash our driveway and front walkway. Power washing can get a little boring after a while so I had a little fun showing you what a difference the power washer made…

The power washer was very easy to use and the motor immediately stopped running as soon as the trigger was released {we had to turn our old one on and off from the machine itself}. I loved how easily portable the pressure washer was and how long the power cord was. I ended up using a plug inside the house in our front entry and could still reach the whole driveway without having to pull out an extension cord. Just be careful to move the power washer from the base rather than pulling it by the cord when you want to move it so it doesn’t tip over!

The power washer was great for getting rid of the weeds that were growing between the slats in the driveway. Although I did have to get in there with a spade for a few of the weeds, most of them were just blasted right out by the power washer. And here are a few of the after shots of the driveway and walkway…

Tips for power washing the driveway

  • Give your driveway a quick sweep beforehand to remove any loose dirt, leaves, etc. Although the power washer will technically blast all of this away anyways, it is quicker and easier to remove it ahead of time.
  • Start closest to the house and work your way down the driveway towards your water drain. Work your way back and forth in a smooth and controlled manner, slightly overlapping each stroke. Try to keep a fairly consistent distance {approximately 8-18 inches) between the tip of the power washer and the driveway for a more even clean.
  • If you have a particularly dirty driveway, you can use a spray degreaser or cleaning agent in conjunction with power washing. Even though it has probably been a couple of years since our driveway was cleaned, this was not required for ours and the driveway looked brand new just using water and the power washer.
  • If there are any tougher stains, place the power washer 3-4 inches from the surface for a more powerful clean.
  • Make sure that you are wearing appropriate footwear {i.e. closed toed shoes} as the water spray can be very powerful if you accidentally spray it over your toes. Eye wear should also be worn to protect your eyes from flying debris and spraying water.


My next project was to clean our windows with the Karcher Power Squeegee. All you need is your regular window cleaner {I use a vinegar and water mix}, a microfiber cloth, and the power squeegee. It is extremely light weight and super easy to use. Just spray on the water and vinegar, give it a quick swipe with the microfiber cloth and then run the power squeegee over it to suck up all of the water. It gives you a virtually streak-free finish in no time with no drips everywhere!